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Armour Thyroid No Prescription based preparation is assigned to patients who suffer from hypothyroidism (a low amount of thyroid hormone). In some cases Armour can be prescribed for treating an enlarged thyroid gland (also ). goiter referred to as. In rare cases this medicine may be recommended by your therapist as a part of treatment of different thyroid discharges.

It is a myth that this medication has the capacity to treat obesity issues.

Armour's dosage is prescribed by a doctor according to the condition of an individual. Some one may require a dosage adjustment during the entire therapy class while the others can get recommendations to use Armour for the rest of their lives. Why it really is strongly preferable to see a physician before initiating Armour treatment that is.

It can be dangerous to use Armour if you have the following medical conditions : any heart disease or failure, angina or pain in chest, coronary artery disease, diabetes, adrenal glands disorders. Consult a physician if you have problems with some of these conditions. Practically anyone can take Armour without any negative effects but patients with thyrotoxicosis and adrenal gland problems are mostly not allowed to take this particular drug.

Armour is completely harmless to pregnant females, breast-feeding mothers and nursing infants based on FDA pregnancy evaluation classified this drug to A class. Nevertheless, you might be to appeal to a physician to be able to prevent any dangers of making use of Armour tabs during pregnancy or while breast - feeding.

Prevent taking larger doses of Armour than were prescribed to you. Such behavior might expose the negative overdose symptoms, among which are : perspiration, severe headache, unusual menstrual periods, weakness, hands or feet swelling, pain in chest, blackouts, changes in behavior and mood.

Since Armour is harmless you will find not many serious negative effects it may provide. Seek medical help in a case you notice the following adverse reactions due to using Armour preparation:
- Any allergic reaction unmasked via hives, rash, body parts' swelling and difficulties in breathing;
- Temporary hair loss (in children younger than 18 yrs. old).

There might be other side effects triggered by taking Armour. Be careful when making use of this medicine for the very first time.

You can find rare cases of allergy to Armour because it contains natural for a human body hormones. But avoid using this preparation with the following medications without a previous discussion the side effects with a physician: any cholestyramine or colestipol including preparations, birth get a grip on pills, any blood thinner as warfarin, insulin and other diabetes meds taken orally, iodine-based drugs, salicylates like aspirin or Tricosal, steroids (for example prednisone).

While being on Armour treatment you may require testing your blood regularly.

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